From the new album
My Shade of Blue

Longway Home



New Dates Coming Soon. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us last year.

Nov. 24

"My Shady of Blue" CD release Party

8:15, Slates, Hallowell

Nov. 26

Liberal Cup

 Nov.28 Wharf w/ Rolling Blackouts

Dec. 4 Hallowell and Wine solo 6-9pm

Dec. 6 Mainely Brews Waterville w/ Joel Lockwood

Dec. 12 The Rack Sugarloaf 10-1pm

Dec. 13 Higherground Hallowell

Dec. 17 Wharf

Dec. 26 Higherground Hallowell w/ Joel Lockwood

Dec. 27 Wharf w/ Rolling Blackouts

Dec. 31 Shipyard Sugarloaf New Years party w/ Erik Glockler

Tim Sullivan Band
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